Mitsuhiro Hibino

2018 11

Born and raised in Gifu, Nov 1994.
I formerly studied Electronic and Information Engineering, and Media Creation.
Currently, I’m based in Tokyo, and work as a software engineer at web service provider.

Use in work, or usually use

Category Libraries, Fields, Technical Skills,,,
Languages JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP
Libraries and Frameworks React, jQuery, Express.js, Processing, Electron, React Native
Hardware Raspberry Pi(Raspbian), ESP32
Development Tools and Infrastructure Git, Docker, MySQL

Hobby Use

Category Libraries, Fields, Technical Skills,,,
Languages Python, Perl, C++, Golang
Libraries and Frameworks Vue.js, D3.js, Three.js, Flask, Code Igniter, openFrameworks, OpenCV
Hardware PIC, Atmel AVR
Electronics Circuit Design(Analog/Digital), Soldering, Fritzing, ZUKEN CR-8000
Misc Adobe (Illustrator, Premiere), Ableton Live

My Accounts

Service Link to my account
GitHub https://github.com/nasustim
Twitter https://twitter.com/nasustim
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mitsuhibino/
Mastodon https://mstdn.nasustim.com
Keybase https://keybase.io/nasustim
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